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We know that you attach more and more importance to the protection of your personal data and you are right. At Etilux, we attach much importance to the respect for your private life and we do everything to protect the confidentiality of your personal data. The present document explains in detail our practices regarding the collection of information following the registration, the purchase and/or the demand of information from our Internet Web site. This clause of confidentiality concerns all the names of domains relative to the www.etilux.com Web site


Etilux Ltd. implements everything to offer to you the highest standards of service but, to this end, we need to collect some information concerning you. Within the framework of this collection, Etilux commits itself into protecting your private life and into respecting the principles determined by the directive 2002 / 58 / CE relative to the data processing of personal nature and to the protection of private life in the field of electronic communications.

The Control of Datas

The personal datas that we collect about you are checked and processed by Etilux Ltd., rue de l’Espérance 42, 4000 Liège, RPM n° 0412.681.550.

The Datas Collected During Your Visit of the Web site

During the consultation of our Web site, we collect datas on the date, the consulted pages, the products present in your basket, your browser or the keywords which lead you to our Website. These datas are not nominative, they allow us to conduct "global" studies to propose to you an offer that is more and more appropriated and to improve our service.

The Datas Stored in the « Cookies »

Our Web site uses "cookies" The "cookie" cannot be read by any other Web site than that which created it. The site uses "cookies" for administrative purposes in order to, for instance, record your preferences for certain types of information, to remember your language of navigation and your country of origin, which will avoid you having to repeat the same data captures on the keyboard during every visit on our site.

Datas Collected During the Order and Afterwards

So as to handle your order in the best conditions, we ask you for certain data such as: name, corporate name, head office and the VAT number of the company, the shipping and invoicing addresses, e-mails, telephone and fax number(s) of the company, as well as, if necessary, the name and the contact details of the contact person/people within the company. Some data are compulsory in order to handle your orders. The asterisk (*) informs you about the compulsory nature of the information to provide.

As far as the confidentiality of the data linked to natural person is concerned, it is processed by Etilux and is connected to a law dating back to 1992 about the protection of private life.

The Use of Your Datas

By using the Web site for the purchase of products, you agree that Etilux passes on the following information (regularly updated) to third parties (notably banks and financial services) so as to validate your credit card and included, notably, the credit card number or the relations with credit institutions, the validation of the identity of the buyer, the obtaining of a prior authorization relative to a credit card or the authorization of transactions of individual purchase.

These data will only be processed and checked by Etilux throughout the bare minimum time for the good execution of the considered transaction and will be deleted afterwards.

You agree that Etilux uses information to the following purposes:

  • Processing your orders and your demands, managing accounts and invoices, settling invoices with services providers; managing your requests, inquiries or complaints, outstanding debts, judiciary proceedings and all the other administrative or commercial general activities.
  • Proceeding to a market analysis in order to inform you on our products and services, on the new developments and improvements of our products and services, on special offers, on discounts and prices considered as important by Etilux.
  • Communicating information according to a legal, an administrative or a regulatory demand of application to Etilux or with regard to juridical actions, preventions, frauds, criminal acts; the offenders or presumed offenders pursuit, or also with regard to credit requests.

Personal Data Registration

Every natural or legal person that register while visting the Internet Web site as a potential contracting party of Etilux transmit, through the registration, their personal datas to Etilux.

The registration implies the express approval that their identification data can be processed in the Etilux data file. Only natural or legal persons having a full law and act capacity can register.

During the registration process, the natural or legal person define a username and a password which are validated by Etilux. These information are confirmed with the sending of a recapitulative e-mail from Etilux to the customer.

The customer is responsible for the confidentiality, the security and the use of its username and its password.

We presume that the use of a username or of a password of a customer has been made by the customer itself.

Etilux can temporarily or permanently block the use of a username and a password if it becomes visible that the customer do not respect one or more of the disposals of the present general conditions.